Monday, February 17, 2014

a day at the fair!

on sunday my boyfriend and i were off early to palm springs, a relatively fast two hour drive east of us. we spent the day there for his birthday and to attend the palm springs fine art fair. my friend and fellow artist, katherine kean was showing her amazing atmospheric paintings thru the izen miller gallery, seen behind us in this blurry photo! 
the internet does not do her work justice, but that can probably be said for most of us! if i were somehow lucky enough to win the lottery, i'd be immediately knocking on her door to buy her work, that's how much i love it!
Marc Sijan sculpture with Katherine Kean work behind
the fair had a very similar feel to the la art show, but in my opinion, at least this year, i could related to much of the artwork and found soo many pieces of beautiful work that i was swooning over!!
lori fields was definitely one of the artist i fell madly in love with, and spent a lot of time talking to the gallery owner about.  you absolutely have to see her work in person, as with it being encaustic you miss all the awesome details lost here on the internet.
we saw even more art at an outdoor art fair along palm springs main drag. all of this had my brain reeling last night and today! so i am feeling a bit restless, wondering about my own work and where i want to take it. at least for my "gallery" work, not my commission work. this year i wanted to experiment way more with different techniques such as silver leaf (which i did start in december) graphite power and different surfaces, but now i feel i want to push that even farther after all the incredible inspiration of yesterday. as today is super quiet here at my day job because of the holiday, i can sit quietly with it and be inspired by all the possibilities!


patty said...

I think as artists we sometimes keep to ourselves with our own work and forget how much great inspiration is always out there (at least I am guilty of that!) Good for you - sounds like you had an amazing and inspirational time!!

Katherine Kean said...

Kathryn, thanks for coming out to the Fair and stopping by our booth and for one of my favorite pictures.
I love that you're trying out new things!

The Creative Beast said...

It looks like you had a great time in Palm Springs and at the art fair!
I just love seeing other artwork and getting inspired by the colors and ideas and seeing how those ideas can inspire my own work. It's good to just marinate in it too!

Jennifer Richardson said...

such a bright bouquet of gorgeousness....gosh, thanks for sharing these hidden treasures!
I look forward to wandering around in their spaces sometime soon. You are quite beautiful, by the way:) Big joy to you as winter gives way to spring,


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