Monday, September 8, 2008

Artist Reception

OCCCA had their artist reception for "Animal Magnetism" on Saturday was soooo much fun!! I didn't realize that the opening was part of a whole artist walk event. If you get a chance, go check out the Santa Ana Artist Village art walk on the 1st Sat of every month. The art work is exciting, the music fabulous and you'll get very inspired...I certainly did!!

The "Animal Magnetism" show itself was even better than I had anticipated it to be. The artwork was very diverse from a large dragon head sculpture to traditional paintings. The dragon head was so had to get close to see the intricate details from plastic seals to cigarette butts! But some of my favorites were, Wafting by Terry Powell, GoatspiderII by Cynthia Minet and the absolute cool frame in Here in the Dark by Daniel Plessis. I feel very honored to be in a show with such talented people!

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