Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I want to start writing more of my thoughts, insights and basic ramblings here and not just posting photos. I guess I'm a bit intimidated here...I've always told myself that I'm a visual person, writing is not my bag. But eventually...after my oldest daughter graduates from high school, my dream is to be traveling the country showing my work at various art fairs and I want to chronicle it all into a book. But that's all down the road...one of my many, many dreams! I'm putting the cart before the horse once again...first I have to have a strong body of work that I can sell!! And that in itself is the beginning I guess. I vacillate often here...am I going in the right direction? I tell myself all the time that if I was wouldn't my art work be selling well, wouldn't this whole process be much easier than it is? Or is that part of the adventure? Figuring it out...finding new inventive ways to sell. I guess if it all came easily, all the time, it wouldn't be challenging & I would definitely lose interest. I'm basically obsessed with trying to figure this all out...I wish I could relax a bit more about it. Trust that the universe brings me everything I need & want in the right time. It's just that when the bills start piling up, it's hard not to question why the commissions are few and far between.

But over all, right now in this time & place I am very happy with my artistic ability. When I look at drawings I did even as little as 3 years ago...the improvement is tremendous! So, I'm ecstatic about that one small piece of the puzzle! And where I want to go with my artwork...all the different drawings, collages & assemblage pieces I want to do...I'm also very happy with my creativity & innovation. Now...if I can get it done & sell it!!! But honestly, if I died tomorrow...I feel like I am accomplishing what is most important to me...expanding my imagination and creativity....even if I don't sell it...gulp...but i REALLY hope I do!!!

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