Sunday, September 27, 2009

monday morning

silvia...working on the upper half of her face

hope everyone had a nice weekend!! mine was very productive as things are quieting down in our lives and i am getting back to my art.

the best news is that i actually finished my artist statement on saturday. remember weeks ago i said that i finally finished it...well, i scraped that and rewrote it again!! i know, i know...i'm insane, but this time i think i nailed it, and only after 10 rewrites in 3 months! not too shabby!! (smile!) and sunday morning, over french toast, fruit and tea, my wonderful friend Bev (who's an amazing writer) helped me polish and refine it. i felt so much lighter when we finished it was weighing heavily on my mind.

so now i'm onto writing my bio, and you get to hear me whine on and on about getting that done...JJ! (i hope not!)

began this drawing of scout, to donate to the frederick county 4h therapeutic riding program in maryland. if any of you recall back in april, i wrote about this wonderful, dedicated group that a client of mine volunteered at.

one huge advantage to being an artist is that i get the privilege of assisting very worthy animal causes in a unique way, that goes above just donating money (altho i do that too). it makes my heart feel really, really good, in some small way to be a part of helping animals. why else would god give me this talent, if not to give as well.

scout, who apparently loves eating!!

with both of my girls sick today, mondays not off to the best of starts. but this week i hope to get silvia finished, my bio started, scout at least half way done, and keep up on my e-course...and that's just the art end of my life
. my big project since the end of last week, is getting passports for the 3 of us...they don't make it easy, but i guess that's a good thing when you have children under 18.

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