Monday, August 4, 2014

Harry and the annual fundraiser!

This will be my 7th year creating a drawing for the California Wildlife Center in Malibu CA for their annual fundraiser in September. I can't even begin to tell you how honored I am that I get to do this! I swear every time I see an animal released back into the wild (almost 5000 last year) by CWC I get a lump in my throat, I am so thrilled by how all these amazing staffers and volunteers have helped yet another animal in Southern Cal!!!

On the Lookout   Kathryn Hansen (c)  2014  5x7

check out these 4 heartfelt short videos about the work CWC does...they are beautifully created!

*All photos courtesy of California Wildlife Center*


The Creative Beast said...

HOORAY for another year of donating your wonderful drawing skills! I've got to check out those videos after seeing that darling baby deer photo you posted - SO SWEET!!!

Katherine Kean said...

Wonderful that you can support them this way - it's good work being done.

And this drawing is the perfect choice - watching over all the sweet baby wildlings.

patty said...

Oh, Kathryn, what a wonderful post and cause!! Your drawing is soooo captivating... those eyes!! So glad you are involved in this fantastic organization!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh my God, I love your heart
for wild things:)
woman after my own heart.
thanks for loving the way you do,

Amelia said...

Hi Katheryn, how are you?

I would feel honoured too and no doubt I would get more than a lump in my throat also! Even those pictures get me. I think pain and injury are some of the reasons I don't have my own pets. I wish soo much I didn't get so affected!

Beautiful work as always :)


E.M. Corsa said...

Gosh Kathryn, that owl is spectacular. And what a wonderful way to share it.


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