Tuesday, April 7, 2009


finished drawing...now onto the collaging part of this piece

I'm very happy with how this drawing came out...it's one of my favorites. The hat was challenging as well as the freckles... didn't want them to just appear as dots on his face.

Now the collage part of this piece: after weeks and weeks of studying numerous collage artists and what collage elements I feel really worked in their pieces, I devoted time to just thinking/dreaming about how all of these segments would come together as a cohesive, interesting piece. From the beginning, I knew that sewing was going to be apart of it, beyond that I had no clue until now. Now I'm adding words and distressing the paper with tea stains and sandpaper. I figured, heck, even if it comes out as a total disaster at least it will have been fun and I'll have learned a lot in the process!!

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