Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Drawings

I started this drawing awhile ago but am now trying to finish it so I can enter it in the Artist Magazine competition. 9 finalist will have their art published in their magazine as well as the calendar. I just think if I can get this, it would open a lot of doors for me...so I'm excited to try. Now, if I can just get my butt going and get motivated enough to get it done in time (May 1) Argh!!

This is a small piece (5x7) I just started this past Sunday...not use to working quite this small on these graffiti pieces, so I am going to buy a mechanical pencil to see if I can get a finer tip for details. I've always used staedtler graphite pencils...which I love best, but feeling like a mechanical will do the trick this time. This little piece will be for sale at my show in June , but am thinking of using it on my new business cards as well.

And lastly, I did this card in January but wish I would have read it last night as I could not get motivated to do a thing...was feeling exhausted, depressed and in self pity. So, I was a couch potato watching the good but depressing movie, Seven Pounds with Will Smith. When my mood hadn't shifted by morning I knew I had to start talking the spiritual talk...and you know what? It wasn't hard to shift it, it just took willingness to do it. Because to be sad and depressed, you have to think sad and depressing thoughts and I'm so tired of rehashing those thoughts and the past, crying over something I'll never have again. I have to get past this. So, this little card is going right over my bed with some other sayings to help remind me of the new life I want to create for myself. After all, my exboyfriend was perfect for who I was at the time we first met, but now I'm expanding, growing and changing at an accelerated pace...I need someone who can keep up with me!

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