Friday, June 12, 2009

As my daughters and I are recouping from this nasty cold/flu thing going around this week, nothing has been done in the way of art work. To be honest I haven't even put away all the stuff from my art show last weekend...shhh...don't tell anyone tho...that's our little secret! Altho tonight I have to get it done as my youngest is having her birthday party/sleepover on it has to get done!

The photo above, of my sweet pup Josie is the inspiration for a new drawing...altho I am taking her out of it and putting in another dog (sorry Jose!) that I think will work better. I'm doing a series, three pieces so far that will feature urban type dogs with a graffiti background. I want to draw them on a slightly larger scale than what I usually do as to give it a bit more punch when you see them in person.

Still have my "love" graffiti piece to finish and close up of a face I never did get done for my show. So hopefully even with another very full weekend ahead I'll have something to show you on Monday! Until then I leave you with some funny graffiti I found...enjoy!!

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