Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a day at the fair

my little helper...Emi
still setting up
more setting up

finally...ready to go!
My brother John looking through my prints
Cold, cloudy and windy on Saturday...a little fearful after last years disaster with my tent tipping over from the wind, but my weights held her in place.(look at those gorgeous jacaranda trees!)
Much nicer on Sunday, until a chill came in late afternoon.
I wasn't happy they let this vendor in...it's an expensive juried show, so how did export/import merchandise from Africa get through? Was told by the sponsor that they will not be back next year...hmmm...we'll see!

Had a marvelous time this past weekend at the Montrose Arts& Crafts Fair. So many friends & family stopped by to support me, had fun seeing and talking with my neighboring artists, they are such incredible people always so open and giving of advice, it was just an all around fun time!!

This is what I learned: a) that I love doing these shows and interacting with people/customers (I got a lot of incredible feed back regarding my new line of work), b) I realized that this particular show is really not the best venue for my work, that I need to go specifically to art fairs or higher end arts & craft fairs, maybe closer to the beach area. c) I learned more about the general ins & outs of transporting and setting up my tent & work. d) and lastly I learned more about selling...not my greatest strength.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my friends: Cynthia for loaning me her van (loved it!), Dan for helping me load it and treating Emi & me to dinner Sunday night, my brother John who unexpectedly helped me out with closing up Saturday night (it was a challenge getting the side panels up) and taking down on Sunday, to the makers of advil (for helping me cope with my sciatica all weekend) and the inventors of caffeine!! AND, last but certainly not least my wonderful, beautiful daughter Emily...could never have done this without all her help and enthusiasm!! Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!! I am beyond blessed!!

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