Friday, June 19, 2009

Exciting stuff happening all over the place!
I signed up for two e-course. One started last night by Marisa Haedike called In the Fishbowl:Life as an Artist On-Line. Yesterdays podcast was basically an introduction with a few questions thrown in to make us ponder about what we love about our own personal art. It was serendipitous to find the other course~Alisa Burke's Recycling Remix and I'm extreeemmmeelly excited because she does these incredible graffiti pieces on canvas...right up my creative alley!!

Stick with me this summer as I dive deep into the business end of my art. I'll be sharing along the way, all the pertinent things I am learning about the left side of this business. Here are a few of the things I am doing:
e-course: Marisa Haedike
blogs:The Boss of You, Modish Biz Tips and Art Biz Blog
classes: SCORE Los Angeles
books: I'd Rather Be In The Studio! The Artist's NO-excuse to Self-promotion by Alyson Stanfield and How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist by Caroll Michels

That should get me started!

Making progress on my graffiti dog...really liking it!

LOTS of work still needing to be done on this extreme close up...I'm seeing a lot of places that need correcting. Two tricks I always use, is to hold your drawing up to a mirror and taking photos of in an instant you can see all your "mistakes", like I am now!

My sister and niece from WI are here visiting for the next few weeks, so am looking forward to many wonderful times together. I will be getting some art created as I have my commissioned piece to finish up, beyond that we'll see!
Have a great weekend!!

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Dyan said...

Hi Kathryn, looks like it's shaping up to be a busy summer: art, fishbowling, reading and all. Just wanted to say hello and hope you have a great weekend!


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